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A New Way To Create And Pay For A Global Basic IncomeA sustainable economic model

A New Way To Create And Pay For A Global Basic IncomeA sustainable economic model that uses interest made from capital to fund basic income, similar to social impact bonds or endowments.

Putting Digital Money In The Hands Of People To Unlock New Commerce And DemandThere is an abundance of capital in the world, but its not distributed evenly. If greater financial inclusion and access for all is the goal, then we must think about growth differently. When there isn’t enough national currency to go around, there is an opportunity for new money to fill the gap. That is why we put liquidity directly in the hands of people: G$ coins are used for commerce, barter and wealth creation, encouraging new economic activity and a better quality of life.

How We Use Smart Contracts To Create Basic IncomeGoodDollar wraps around yield-generating decentralized finance protocols. Those funds are used to mint a reserve-backed crypto-asset (G$), which is used for yield-payouts and distributed daily as basic income to users.

Currently SupportingNo DonationsStaking protocols and other new yield products make donating for social impact a thing of the past.Yield Payouts in G$Supporters receive market-rate payouts in G$, enabling them to do well while expanding the pie for all.Financial FlexibilityYou can support GoodDollar across a range of protocols AND withdraw your funds whenever you want

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