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The new website and airdrop

Hello! 2local has a new website.Find also our new Whitepaper and One-pager at our new website. We invite you to download them from the 2local website and read about our motives for creating is periodically updated with a new article from our Science Officer Harry Donkers (PhD).WebsiteThis year was a difficult year with the Covid-19 situation and a big exchange being robbed and our IEO being cancelled there. The Covid-19 situation has delayed development of our own blockchain substantially and we unfortunately had to postponed the listing. Listing from December is postponed till First Quatre Q1 – 2021. Please have patience so we can make your tokens into coins on a new blockchain.To meet you, we offer 30% bonus tokens for this month when buying with ETH, BTC or XLM.Get BonusAt LATOKEN we are doing LATOKEN’s first Airdrop Competition and this airdrop page will be soon integrated in the LATOKEN’s website. For the airdrop we have $45,000 of L2L tokens to divide between all participants. The highest 3 purchases will also be rewarded $25,000; $12,000 and $7,000 in L2L tokens.

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