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Marketer News Activity about Going Bitcoin

Market ActivityBTC is currently trading at $15,416, up +6.91% on yesterday at the time of writing.Total Market Cap
$442.6BN (+7.61%)24 Hour Volume
$159 BN (-63.02%)Notable Movers
(MANA) (+41.09%)BTC Dominance
64.8% (-0.31%)BTC Price
$15,416 (+6.91%)
BTC price
Modern Consensus says Bitcoin has hit a three-year resistance level amid warnings of a dip to $11,600Coindesk warns there are signs that the crypto market is getting greedy. Decrypt reports that the price rally liquidated $63 million of short positions. Bitcoinist quotes analysts who say it’s a “matter of time” before BTC hits $20,000.
Plenty News
Your Friday News 📰PLENTY more news over at our shiny, new aggregation service… Headlines!What’s NewLast Hurdle to $20K! 🍾Bitcoin managed to hit 52-week highs of $15,900 as the week ended — levels not seen January 2018. These gains far outpaced the stock market. Analysts say a resistance zone between $15,800 and $16,800 is the final hurdle before BTC can return to all-time highs of $20,000 — but a breakthrough in one go is unlikely.Read moreWhy The Surge? 🧐Institutional investors are believed to be behind the sudden surge, with Bitcoin adding almost $5,000 to its price in the past month. Grayscale, MicroStrategy and Square have been buying BTC in bulk — and PayPalis going to support crypto soon. Over the past quarter, Square and Grayscale have accumulated a whopping $2.3 billion in Bitcoin.Read moreBigger Than PayPal!Bitcoin’s rally has increased its market cap to $286.7 billion at the time of writing, meaning it’s now worth far more than some of the biggest names in business. It’s now overtaken PayPal ($235.3 billion), the Walt Disney Company ($227.1 billion), Netflix ($223.4 billion) and Coca-Cola Company ($213.8 billion). Will it overtake Mastercard’s $313 billion market cap next?Read moreNo FOMO? 🤨It seems the crypto market frenzy has not been matched by a surge in web searches. Google Trends shows there’s a value of just 10 for the search query “Bitcoin price” — a lot lower than the 93 seen in December 2017, and even the 19 seen during May’s halving. Then again, with COVID and the election, a lot’s been going on.Read more
Poll of the Day 📣Bitcoin’s surge has sparked excited whispers that we could soon see the world’s biggest cryptocurrency return to all-time highs of $20,000. So, our question is this…
On a scale of 1-5 (5 being definitely,) is Bitcoin going to surge further this month after hitting 52-week highs of $15,900?
Crypto News
What You Said 🔊Previously on the CryptoNewer newsletter, we asked you this… On a scale of 1-5 (5 being fantastic,) how would you rate the crypto industry right now?

This question was asked on Monday, when Bitcoin was worth a mere $13,384. It’s surged by about 15% since then. Just 1.9% of you said that the crypto sector was in a bad way at the moment, with 25% of you rating the industry as “fantastic” and 37.5% as “good.”We also asked you to reveal your one biggest concern for the world of cryptocurrencies right now. Here’s what you had to say…
One of you wrote: “The control that governments will want to exercise.” 😫
Regulation was a common theme in your answers, as well as this: “Tax issues.” 😬
Others are more concerned about missed financial gains: “Not buying enough.” 😰
And there are nerves about whether Bitcoin can keep up its current level of performance: “Losing all my money.” 😭
This reader had multiple concerns about what the future holds: “Volatility, it’s still unsafe, a lot of education about the system is needed, unfriendly user interfaces.” 🙁
Another argues that danger lies away from major cryptos such as BTC and ETH: “That more and more people will waste money on altcoins.” 👀
Last word goes to this contributor: “The development is great but still there are no solid case uses and UI/UX are still lagging behind.” 👎
Best Bits
Our Blog’s Best Bits 📖 Want to binge on our blog? Here’s two articles we can recommend…
U.S. election impact! In the aftermath of the U.S. election on Nov. 4, IntoTheBlock explored BTC’s long-term trajectory — and gave a more short-term outlook, too. “Bitcoin has managed to unpeg itself from broader markets, even exhibiting a negative correlation with top market indices,” the team wrote.
Ethereum adoption! Flipside Crypto has some fascinating factoids about Ether for us, including the fact that five times more ETH is sent to decentralized exchanges than centralized platforms on a daily basis. Plus, find out how much Bitcoin is wrapped every 24 hours — and the number of active Ethereum addresses that are interacting with DeFi.
Blockchain Term of the Day: Moon 🌝Given Bitcoin’s roaring performance over recent days, it’s only appropriate to dust off the most beloved phrase in the CoinMarketCap Alexandria glossary… moon. ❤️
A situation where there is a continuous upward movement in the price of a cryptocurrency. Often used in communities to question when a cryptocurrency will experience such a phenomenon, saying “When moon?” It is usually combined with “When Lambo?”
CryptoNewer News
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